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A story about a character we call  
on a journey of a lifetime.

About the Book

Introducing Where's My Change?, the new book by Clyde Anderson, set In the middle of what was, and what will be, lies the Comfort Zone. The winds of change blew in with an unpredictable force, drastically altering everything in its path. A dark fog hovered over the town, making it hard to see what was ahead. Traces of the storm were evident at every turn and threatened everyone's future if they were not prepared. The hope that once flooded the community was washed away as uncertainty and fear increased, paralyzing many.


It was up to Yew (our main character) to find an opportunity to reach Freedom. Although threatened at every twist and turn with the possibility of being derailed, Yew had to embrace change to experience the most beautiful awakening on the journey to Freedom.

About the Author

Clyde Anderson is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and former CNN money commentator Clyde Anderson, who has learned the value of creating a "change" mindset to help others navigate their financial journey.


A prolific speaker who has empowered thousands to change on purpose, Clyde is an effective communicator with the gift of inspiring action. His inspirational messages motivate others to move from lack to abundance, and his delivery resonates with the masses. With a goal to help people find their "change" and live desired lives, Clyde believes the key is to be informed, shift your mindset, and implement financially sound personal growth and prosperity processes.

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Your Pre-Sell Options

Be the first to get your copy by being a part of the Where’s My Change limited edition book presells to support the growth of the Change on Purpose Movement, created to help build a solid financial foundation for people with the desire for change. My goal is to help you realize opportunities to find the change you need to grow, and create the life you envision.

What's Included:

  • A limited-edition copy of Clyde’s new book Where’s My Change

  • Supporter’s names will be listed in the book on the supporter page

  • Thank you from Clyde

  • Change on purpose “100” t-shirt

  • Free Shipping

Secure your spot today for just $55

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*Books will ship July 13, 2022. 3130 Special Edition versions will be printed.

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