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Control Your Power!

Updated: May 29, 2022

By Clyde Anderson

There are two things over which you have complete dominion, authority, and control- your mind and your mouth. -Molefi Asante

As I sit and think about the true meaning of power, I realize that power is really within. You may have heard it said, but once you begin to understand what power truly is, then you will start to realize that you have been given the gift of power. Power to change the current direction of your life by uncovering your talent and using your gift.

“Our minds have the power to accomplish incredible effects. The sad part is that we rarely tap into that power because we wait for external things to happen, like someone else's approval.”

Now let me clarify when I say within. The power within does not mean that power comes from you. We all have been given a connection to the actual source, which is our Creator. He has implanted in us a power supply that is so strong that our minds are more complex than any computer ever made.

Tap into your power.

How often have you been excited about something you've accomplished at work, but that negative co-worker told you it wasn't a big deal, so you felt small? Or how many times have you felt like you were on top of things financially? Then you talk to a friend who brags about their new raise, which allowed them to buy a new car and a new home, so you felt envious and like you were lacking?

We can't control other people's actions. It's draining to constantly think about what someone else is doing. Instead of focusing on what they have, we can achieve what they have instead by taking our own God-given power and making a change that will give us the results we are looking for. Once we stop looking for others to validate our actions and efforts, we'll reclaim our power. Next, we can see our actions produce outstanding efforts to lead to a better perspective filled with positive emotions.

We can achieve whatever we set our minds to. The question is, what is your mind focused on? Have you set out to achieve something that seems impossible? Are you utilizing your power or allowing your energy to become dormant? We all have super strength, but we must not conceal it. A good friend always says: "The problem in life comes NOT from aiming too high and missing the target but aiming too low and hitting it!"

Positive Actions + Positive Attitude + Positive Efforts + Positive Emotions = The results you want for your life to achieve your goals and your true potential.

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